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I am Windextor! I will clean your SOUL~!

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ALIAS (that is similar to my real name): Brigitte Smith
i REALLY don't have a great deal to say about myself. i'm in college, and just starting out in life. i'm going for a medical degree, but i LOVE artsy things. so, with any luck, i'll come to my senses and get the heck out of the USA. perhaps i'll further my education once i go to england...does anyone want me for a roomy? XD probably not... i just want to travel my whole life, learn 20 languages, and hopefully never get married (but still have many NON-marriage relationships with bishounen XD ).
i live in a small country town (my graduating class was a grand total of some 40 odd brats), but i've been to bigger schools before. my parents are overprotective, but i like spending time with them. i like to think i'm antisocial, but i have a small circle of truly good friends. and i really wish i had a tall, cute, easy-to-talk-to guy friend; i've never had a real guy friend before...i am SUCH a loser!!! T-T this is what happens when you live an over-protected life!!!
hm...i'm short (for an american; right at 5 ft), dark (tan skin, brown hair; thank you indian ancestors), and i'm not ashamed to admit that i weigh 115 lbs (not as skinny as it seems since i'm only 5ft; 100 lbs is more like skinny for me)...green/blue eyes, short hair (was long until before last fall), small feet that plague me, and i wear casual clothes that lean more toward comfort than style. i'll put some pics of me up if i can work up the courage...
cliches and bad grammar bother me; if you ever see me use either of them, ALERT ME IMMEDIATELY!!!
O_O...wow. i guess i had more to say about myself than i thought. does that make me a narcissist? XD