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Writer's Block: Who will you be? - shamallamahobbadobbadingdong
I am Windextor! I will clean your SOUL~!

Date: 2009-10-31 00:41
Subject: Writer's Block: Who will you be?
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Music:waterfall trickle
Tags:writer's block
What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Are you going to wear coordinating costumes with a friend or partner? Did you buy something pre-fab or make it yourself?
Well, I was just gonna maybe mish-mash every small item I've collected for Halloween and be a conglomorate type of character... like, big black cape + cat ears + eye patch + go-go boots + etc. lol. ...and that's not the weird part. My mom turned 50 this week, so my family is throwing her a surprise party on Halloween. Guess what they told her to get her to the "location"? That her friends were having a "sex toy" party! And she invited me to go! lol, AWKWARD. So, yeah. I'm spending my Halloween at a pseudo-sex party with my mom and relatives. Nice.
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