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i feel pretty~! oh so pretty~~~! ^_~ - shamallamahobbadobbadingdong
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Date: 2007-02-07 14:01
Subject: i feel pretty~! oh so pretty~~~! ^_~
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argh! it's not fair! it's the perfect weather to go run outside (which i haven't done since october, at LEAST) and i have to go to frikkin' ENGLISH tonight! T_T it's the saddest evar...

BUT!-i got my hair cut today (it feels SO much better...'twas getting shaggy and bleh), and i've been working out for about a week, so i'm feeling more alive...endorphines, how i love thee!

which brings me to my pain in the ass. no, really--my ass pains me today. i don't have a treadmill OR a stairmaster at dad's, so i just do the jumprope, and this weird cardio lunges routine. basically, i lunge down as far as possible, and then i jump up high, go back down on the other leg, and repeat. i did about 4 sets at 30 seconds each, and now my butt stings a bit...

i WILL run today, even if i have to do the stupid, boring, fresh-air-lacking treadmill thing.

gotta go! dad's coming to check on my work!
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