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anime cliches...how i love thee - shamallamahobbadobbadingdong
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Date: 2007-02-01 21:56
Subject: anime cliches...how i love thee
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Music:chrono crusade: sayoonara solitia *sobs*
okay, so i'm reading this fanfiction (about 15, in truth), and in the fight scenes there were the normal screams of:




and kagome's more appropriate "IKE!" (i mean, if i was gonna aim/shoot, i would scream, "GO, DAMY YOU!," or something to that effect).


normally, in anime/manga, we grow accustomed to the names of the attacks being screamed out while fighting (which consequentally gives the opponent a "heads-up, here it comes" warning). as otaku, it becomes part of the norm to accept these little tidbits of quirkiness that are attributed to our strange cartoony obsessions. but once in a blue moon, after scanning through a fight, i'm suddenly struck with how random and weird it is to do so. what's the point?; does it enhance the attack with a verbal incantation?! WTF?! so...i wondered: if suddenly yelling out the name of the item in question enhances it's effectiveness, why isn't it done on a daily basis? and then my mind let loose...

[early morning, in my college chem class, i sit in the back&corner seat, silently awaiting my test packet]

the packets are all handed out, and as everyone quietly begins the test--

*FWOOSH!* (that was for you, ky! XD)






the class= O_O ?_? >.> *looks at back&corner* -_-;

"oh...it's just brigette again..."

[meanwhile, the ignorant fools fail their tests, and the otaku in back has all her anime-enhanced steroid utensils working towards a "A"!]

XD...sorry. there was probably a better place to set this (and a wittier way to write it T_T); but do you get my point? while inuyasha screams "TETSUSAIGA" at the top of his lungs, a young college student unleashes her awesome anime powahz into a pencil...

*BTW--i really did take that exam today. i got so frustrated that my eyes started leaking; the teacher took pity on me and helped me with my problems! SUCKER! 'TWAS MY SECRET, DEVIOUS PLAN ALL ALONG! BWAHAHAHAHA! (can anyone say crazy tv dude from bleach? *winknudge*)
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Kyky Lele: mamo cup icon
User: kyoureshi
Date: 2007-02-02 04:45 (UTC)
Keyword:mamo cup icon
Thanks for that *FWOOSH!*, Brigette :3 NOW I CAN UNLEASH MY... DEADLY ATTACK AHAHAHAHAHA!!! "BLACK DEATH!" AHAHAHAHA! *squirts a fountain pen at Brigette* >:D Now that my devious deed is done, I shall celebrate with a delicious ice cream! "MUNCH OF POWER!" "DOOMED SWALLOW!" "EVIL DIGESTION!" Wow, there are so many possibilities of everyday activities that you can simply change into attack jargon :D

This is probably in Brigette's evil desires too >:T She wants me to shout attacks all day for the rest of my life because it's so irresistably fun, I won't be able to control myself! >.< AUGH! What's... happening?! "KEYBOARD ACTIVATION!" o.o;;; Oh noes... BRIGETTE IMMA GET YOU!!

Anyway, that was a sweet interpretation of your exam, which I hope you worked very hard on. I CAN'T HAVE A SLACKER WORKING ON MY HEART, NOW, CAN I?!

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